Alesia, Medford and
Blizzard Buildings

Three other buildings are available at the Carroll County Agricultural Center providing versatility in housing events of different sizes.  The ALESIA and MEDFORD BUILDINGS can hold 250 people each for a variety of events.  These buildings are adjacent to one another and can be opened to create one long building.  The BLIZZARD BUILDING is attached to the MEDFORD BUILDING, can hold approximately 80 people and is air-conditioned.  These uniquely adaptable buldings are home to the Famers Market, craft shows, dog shows, toy and train shows, etc.


Alesia Building:
Dimensions: 38' x 110'
Square Footage: 4.188
Medford Building plus alcove
Dimensions: 38' x 95' plus 13' x 31'
Square Footage: 4.013
Blizzard Building:
Dimensions: 28' x 68'
Square Footage: 1.904


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